Bolts and Nuts Manufacturers in Hyderabad

We are a worldwide manufacturer, exporter and distributor of Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Washers, Anchor Bolts, Foundation Bolts and different types of fasteners as per customer drawing and specification in high tensile strength and stainless steel. From high tensile strength to stainless steel specialty fasteners, metric and inch series fasteners or custom fasteners, we provide the right component for commercial, industrial, residential equipments at the stipulated time period.

Fasteners for Construction Industry:

Fasteners as it looks as a very small component but it gives support to hold big and critical equipments. We designed and developed based on R & D facilities, high-quality raw material. Our professional team of experts select the best raw material that suits mechanical properties and that can be achieved for suitable and long-term commitment towards products development.

Furthermore, we can also provide product customization facility in terms of fasteners, bright bars, binding wire as well as in terms of packaging that suits the varied requirements of our clients.

Our Products:

  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Screws
  • Foundation Bolts
  • Washers
  • MS/EN8 Bright Bars

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Bolts and Nuts – Distributor of Quality Fasteners

Welcome to Sriraj Group “specializing in the manufacturing of Fasteners.”For over 29 years, we have been building a solid reputation as a premier supplier and distributor of high-quality fasteners which is related hardware and the tools you need. We offer over 30,000 items for a wide scope of construction and engineering applications. We take pride in always keeping our inventory well-stocked and in having more metric and stainless steel fasteners than anyone else in the industrial market.

Customer Satisfaction:

The primary aim of Sriraj Group Fasteners is the customer satisfaction and the respect for the environment, to be obtained through continued improvement of quality products. Throughout our history, Mid-State Bolts & Nuts has become an industry-leading supplier of just about every fastener and assembly component on the market, including bolts, nuts, nuts, screws, washers and other specialty fastener solutions.

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Importance of Welded Wire Mesh

A wire mesh is actually a screen that has been designed and constructed with metal wire. They are placed in a crossway and are made up of stainless steel wire in order to avoid rust and corrosion. The welded mesh comes in several shapes and sizes and can be used for many applications such as agriculture, industries as well as sites of construction, commercial sites along with many residential areas, construction of swimming pools, bridges, manhole chambers, tunnels as well as parking lots.

Welded Wire Mesh 

In considering the latest welded wire mesh products for a security application, it’s important to choose and know the level of wire mesh flexibility can support your application or not? The performance of welded wire mesh depends strongly on the choice of wire diameter, the size of the mesh and the width of the wire because the diameter of the wire mesh on these surfaces determines the strength of the wire mesh. The corrosion resistant wire mesh comes out with an advanced technology and it handles the wire and tear that makes it more crucial along with all suitable facets.

Many of our products are available in stock or can be quickly custom manufactured. Please contact us to discuss your requirements as per the industry standards specifications!!!!



Bolts and Nuts Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Thank you for visiting We are global sourcing manufacturer and distributor of industrial and construction fasteners (Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Washers) etc. We offer wide selections of bolts, nuts, screws, washers & other fasteners at cost-effective prices. Fasteners are available in wide variety of finishes, grades, and features. All of our products are quality tested to ensure they meet or exceed all applicable industry standards and needs.

Fasteners can be used in following industries:

  • Building and construction
  • Building and Construction Machinery
  • Petroleum and Oil industries
  • Heavy engineering equipments
  • Automotive and Mining
  • Electrical hardware equipments
  • Military and aerospace equipments

We’re here to help, whether you’re a professional tradesman or a homeowner. We stock a huge range of fastener with reasonable prices. Our team of professionals will help you find the right fasteners for your building project.

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Wire meshes are specially designed from different high-quality materials whose physical and chemical properties differ adversely. The materials used in welded wire mesh are often strong and pose high tensile strength. These materials include steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and so on. Raw materials other than aluminium allow for easy bending and henceforth offer versatile opportunities for their usability.


A welded wire mesh used as intersecting rows and columns of parallel wires that are welded together at the intersection. Once the high-quality wire has been drawn down to the desired size, it is fed into a machine which welds the multiple rows of wire together at their intersection. As the mesh is fed through the machine, a parallel line of welds is created simultaneously where the perpendicular lines meet. The next intersection of wires is then fed through the machine to be welded, and this process continues until joining each row of wires together. This process typically welds the wires using electrical resistance as the source of heat. Although other welding methods could be employed, this is the usually most economical. Once the mesh has reached the desired length, it is cut by a shear, resulting in a sheet of flat and rigid welded wire mesh.

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Fasteners for Industrial Machine Construction

What properties do you want the machine to have?

The physical attributes you want the machine to have can also determine the type of fasteners you should get. For instance, if weight is a major concern, you could choose right fasteners that are strong and corrosion resistant. If having a streamlined appearance is critical, you may want to use bolts that sit flush with the surface of the machine. Our range of fasteners tends to be expensive but very strong, and reliable. If you want the machine to withstand heavy use without the fasteners giving way, you could decide to design and construct them using high-quality bolts and nuts.

If you are interested in designing and manufacturing industrial machines, always try to avoid picking fasteners on a random basis. Making sure that they are suited for the application will make the industrial machine perform well.

Customer Service

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Industrial Fasteners @Best Price in India

One of the most engineering industries manufacturing a wide variety of machines that are supposed to be used on an industrial scale, such as factories, building construction, machinery etc. If you’re finding such kind of machinery and equipments, Sriraj Group will help you to find high-quality fasteners @ best prices in India. Proper selection of fasteners for industrial applications is more important since it has a bearing on how long the machines will last as well as how well it performs on particular machinery.

Protect Your Machines Using Fasteners:

The types of fasteners(Bolts, Nuts, Anchor Bolts, Foundation Bolts etc) chosen can also be based on how much security you want the machine to have. For instance, if you design a machine with very sensitive internals that should only be maintained by your staff, you could opt to use security fasteners to put the body together. This way, it will be difficult for anyone to tamper with the machine, and even if they try to do it will be possible to tell, and you can then void the warranty. With today’s latest technology, you can design high-quality fasteners with custom-made security features. At Sriraj Group, you will find industrial fasteners at best prices in India. Based on the application we’ll design the fasteners and that are available in varied sizes and different fasteners types.

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Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh

Sriraj Group, Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh. The business is built around the world. We have earned which is larger than the size of our organization. The quality range is also a strong point for you to connect with us; the largest range of welded wire mesh is suitable for any application.

Welded Wire Mesh: 

This is also called as welded wire roll or welded wire sheet according to its latest technologies of production. It is one of the most versatile of all wire mesh. It can be electro-galvanized before or after manufacture. Wire mesh widely used in construction, industry, agriculture, mine, decoration etc. The manufactured range o wire mesh has salient features such as Versatile, Easy cutting, Easy handling, High-strength, Solid construction, Wires hold together, corrosion- resistant, Oxidation-resisting etc.

Leveraging over the industry skills of our qualified team of professionals, we are leading manufacturers of welded mesh to our valuable customers. In the welded type wire mesh products the intersections are resistance welded based on the material which we used. Our wide range of products is demanded in different industries such as infrastructure and fabrication.

Sheets used to manufacture wire mesh:

  • MS (Mild Steel Sheet)
  • GI (Galvanized Iron Sheet)
  • SS (Stainless Steel Sheet)
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride Sheet)

You may want to consider us for your future requirement of fasteners; bright bars wire mesh, binding wire etc, post your query and get a quotation from us for any of our products.

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Bright Steel Bars Suppliers in India

Sriraj Group is an associate concern of Anu Fasteners Group of Companies operating in several divisions, Balanagar, IDA Jeedimetla, Dundigal A.F.A. Post, Jinnaram Mandal, Hyderabad, Telangana State. The manufacturing unit was taken over in 1988. Our range of Bright Steel Bars is available in varied lengths and diameters to serve diverse applications based on the requirement and are made of premium quality.

The company had taken over this unit to meet the extending client demands. With the unmatched service provided by Sriraj Group, the manufacturing capacity had to be expanded to meet the demand, which came with product services as well. Since its establishment, the unit has gone on to become one of South India’s premium industrial fastener and bright bars suppliers in terms of latest technology, quality and client requirements. These Bright Steel Bars are highly durable and have long lasting functional life in the industry.

Bright Steel Bars Specifications:

  • Applications: Used in automobiles, railways, heavy earth moving equipments, tractors, aluminium industry, oil and gas industry, construction, school/college workshops
  • Single Piece Length: 3, 6, 18, 36 and >36 meter
  • Thickness/Diameter: 0-1 inch, 1-2 inch, 2-3 inch, 3-4 inch, >4 inch

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