Wire Mesh for Window & Safety Guards


Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh, Wire Mesh is an excessively adaptable and versatile industrial product. Widely used to prevent unauthorized access to secured areas to protect machinery and equipment or safety guards against windows and doors. Basically, wire mesh can be used in residential, commercial and industrial areas where wire mesh commonly found in public transit stations, parking garage structures, machine shops, college campuses, gymnasium, stadiums.

Performance and Durability:

The main key role in deciding what specific wire mesh is best for your application is to identify the correct opening size & diameter wire needed. High quality and durable material selection is also more important for outdoor environments either stainless steel or galvanized for better performance and durability. Regular steel will rust in outdoor environments so most of the customer always prefer painting and special coating stainless steel or galvanized.

Custom Requirement for Your Application


The offered products are available from stock or that can be manufactured at stipulated time. Most of the customers requested depending on the application, based on that we manufacture wire mesh with different specifications and diameters.

If you looking for the exact specification for your application, please contact Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh to discuss your requirements and needs.

Website: http://www.srirajgroup.com/



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