Mild Steel Square Bar in Hyderabad

Mild Steel Bright Bars

Sriraj Group is renowned Mild Steel Square Bar Manufacturer and Supplier in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. MS square bars are most popular in the construction building and fencing industry and also this can be used in wide range of applications. With its high quality, reliability and versatility it can be welded, drilled and cut to suit your requirements. Our range of mild steel square bars is available in varied sizes and specifications.

We can ensure you’ll be happy with our mild steel bars services. Our expert team of professionals assists you on the right products for your applications. Offering high-grade mild steel flat bars which are basically thin strips of mild steel with the thickness of the strip varying commonly from 8-100mm through thicker flats are also available.

Mild Steel Square Bar applications range from construction to machine fabrication. These mild steel flats bars are rolled in low temperature which imparts higher strength to the structures. Our manufactured MS Steel flat bars are used in various versatile fabrication applications due to their intrinsic design and durability. MS Black Flat Sections are widely used in window panels, shutters, grills, bus bodies, etc.

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Binding Wire Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Binding Wire

Looking for a variety of binding wires for building construction? Then you are at the right place where you can get a wide collection of binding wires such as steel binding wire, binding coil, wire mesh, bolts, nuts etc for building a construction. We are the right destination where your search ends for the Qualititivate binding wire. You can found binding wires in different practices in different sectors. Furthermore, we are simply unmatched for our quality binding wires. To access one of the selected ranges of binding wires at most economical prices. In addition to this, we are one of the eminent MS Binding Wire Manufacturers in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh.

We bring forth high-quality MS Binding Wires that are commonly known as black wire and are commonly used in construction and other binding works. The range of Binding Wires offered by Binding Wire Manufacturers in Hyderabad is used for construction purposes as a tie between bars. The Binding Wires range is highly appreciated for illustrating more softness and strength. binding-wire-1

Binding Wires Used in…

  • Building construction
  • Other binding works etc.

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Foundation Bolts Manufacturers Hyderabad

Foundation Bolts

We are a renowned manufacturer, supplier and distributor of foundation bolts in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. The wide collection of fasteners which includes MS foundation bolts, L-type foundation bolts, J-type foundation bolts,  Eye type foundation bolts,  Galvanized foundation bolt etc at market-leading prices.

J-Type Foundation Bolts

J-Type Foundation Bolts: Being a quality conscious organization, we are noted as one of the best and leading manufacturer of J-Type Foundation Bolts. These are manufactured under the guidance of qualified professionals and also fabricated with high-end quality steel. These foundations are a perfect choice for construction work and also used in diverse areas.

Features of J-Type Foundation Bolts:

  • Unmatched quality
  • Sturdy design
  • Long shelf life
  • Rust resistance
L-Type Foundation Bolts

L-Type Foundation Bolts: These foundation bolts are manufactured using high-quality stainless steel which is procured from certified vendors. Our offered bolts and nuts are widely used for varied engineering and automotive industries. Available in various sizes, lengths and thickness as per the customer requirement and specification.

Features of L-Type Foundation Bolts:

  • High tensile strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • High impact
  • Corrosion resistant

MS Foundation Bolts: Since 1988, we are manufacturing MS Foundation Bolts with specified sizes and high quality. Designed with precision, these foundation bolts are manufactured as per the international quality standards with the support of innovative techniques and advanced machinery.

Features of MS Foundation Bolts:

  • Excellent finishing
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • High material strength

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Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


Welded Wire Mesh


Welded Wire Mesh Fencing: 

All of our welded wire mesh fencing rolls and sheets are produced with flush edges and that are manufactured from Bright Drawn Mild Steel Wires and these wire mesh can be welded at each intersection. An ideal material for metal fencing is designed and manufactured to be strong, durable and able to withstand in any environments.

Sriraj Group range of products are available in different specifications and which can give much better corrosion resistance and Galvanised welded wire mesh sheets have a flattering finishing which makes it much easier to use.

Features of Welded Wire Mesh:

  • Wires are joined by resistance-welding
  • Used in covers, cages, guards, air vents, soffit screens, food drying racks, pet exclusion, cages, grills etc.
  • Strong and consistent welds
  • Available in basic Stainless Type 304 and Marine Grade Type 316

If you have any questions about our products or want to know more information about how welded wire mesh and rolls can benefit your exact applications, do not hesitate to contact our eco-friendly team by email or phone +91-040-64509281, 09246178578  and we would be always happy to assist you for more!!!

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Wire Mesh for Window & Safety Guards


Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh, Wire Mesh is an excessively adaptable and versatile industrial product. Widely used to prevent unauthorized access to secured areas to protect machinery and equipment or safety guards against windows and doors. Basically, wire mesh can be used in residential, commercial and industrial areas where wire mesh commonly found in public transit stations, parking garage structures, machine shops, college campuses, gymnasium, stadiums.

Performance and Durability:

The main key role in deciding what specific wire mesh is best for your application is to identify the correct opening size & diameter wire needed. High quality and durable material selection is also more important for outdoor environments either stainless steel or galvanized for better performance and durability. Regular steel will rust in outdoor environments so most of the customer always prefer painting and special coating stainless steel or galvanized.

Custom Requirement for Your Application


The offered products are available from stock or that can be manufactured at stipulated time. Most of the customers requested depending on the application, based on that we manufacture wire mesh with different specifications and diameters.

If you looking for the exact specification for your application, please contact Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh to discuss your requirements and needs.



Foundation Bolts Manufacturers Hyderabad

Foundation Bolts


We are Foundation Bolts Manufacturers Hyderabad, offering varied shape and size that match your requirement. The premium quality foundation bolts are manufactured with finest stainless steel &  mild steel material and also make the product durable and sturdy. These foundation bolts are available in several types including L-TYPE, J-TYPE, EYE TYPE, PLATE TYPE foundation bolts. And other types of foundation bolts are manufactured as per specific requirement and drawing.

We offer foundation bolts in varied shape and size with standard packaging and quick delivery as per the need of our client. We have utmost belief in our customers and the products today are made based on the feedback gathered over the period of time and today we have earned a name of reputation and quality. Advanced technology and advanced expertise have guaranteed us as one of the best experience in the market.

The J Type Foundation Bolts are offered by us for several support structures. Furthermore,  these bolts are also used in various construction, electrical and mobile towers. Available in all grades of mild steel, stainless steel,  alloy steel these are highly appreciated by our clients for their high tensile strength.

Some of the applications of foundation bolts include:

  • Railway Industry
  • Building Construction
  • Sugar Plant
  • Cement Plant
  • Marine Industry

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Mild Steel Square Bar in Hyderabad


Bright Bars for Grill Fencing


Bright Bars can be used in many applications in areas like machine components, valves, pump shafts, fasteners, machine tools, daily equipment, hinges, surgical and medical parts and other end usages. Available products at Mild Steel Square Bar in Hyderabad are different finishes including Bright Bars can be used in many applications in areas like machine components, valves, pump shafts, fasteners, machine tools, daily equipment, hinges, surgical and medical parts and other end usages.

Available products at Mild Steel Square Bar in Hyderabad are different finishes including…

  • Cold Drawn and Polished Cold Draw
  • Centerless Ground and Polished(Strain Hardened)
  • Centerless Ground and Polished Cold Drawn

The solutions offered by this bright bars are MS Bright Round Bars, MS Bright Flat Bars, MS Bright Square Bars, MS Bright Hexagonal Bars, EN8 Bright Round Bars, EN8 Bright Flat Bars, EN8 Bright Square Bars, EN8 Bright Hexagonal Bars.

Applications of Bright Bars:  

Bright Bars for Dairy Components
  • Fasteners
  • Machine Tools
  • Pump Shaft
  • Dairy Equipments
  • Valves
  • Grill Fencing
  • Surgical and Medical Parts

Features of Bright Bars:

  • Available in cut to size finishing
  • Available in both metric & imperial option
  • Used in high suitable forging industries, grill fencing & engineering components
  • During the entire operation, these can be produced using cold finishing process to support low heating process.

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Different Types of Bright Bars & Applications


The main difference between stainless steel and normal steel, in terms of properties, is that the stainless steel doesn’t rust, corrode or stain easily when comparing with the normal steel. In terms of composition, a stainless steel has a high ER Chromium content which allows stainless steel have resistance power towards corrosion.  Stainless steel is widely used in bars. these have several applications in architecture and engineering industry such as bridges, beams, hosting, transmission, warehouses and industrial furnaces and many more.

Below are different types of bright bars commonly used in above applications:

Round Bars

Stainless Steel Bright Round Bars: Usually these bright bars can be found in the range of 4mm-10mm). These aren’t only corrosion resistance and also enhance machining of the steel into components. In that Improved Machining, Grades have been developed like grades for hardness, designed to respond heat treatment application and Grades with High Corrosion Resistance designed for adding additional heating elements to give characteristics desired.

Flat Bars

Stainless Steel Flat Bars: Usually these flat bars found in the size range of 2-7 meters in terms of length. & in HRAP(Hot, Rolled, Annealed and Pickled) Condition. EN8 Bright Flat Bars have quite sharp corners & tighter tolerances on thickness & width. These are designed and used by fabricators where the finished project is polished.

Hexagon Bars

Stainless Steel Hexagon Bars: Usually these hexagon bars found in the size range from 12-45mm. These bars you can find in cold drawn condition and in belt polished condition. Cold drawn hexagon bars have great dimensional accuracy, smooth surface finishing and also increases the mechanical properties of the product.

Square Bars

Stainless Steel Square Bars: Usually these square bars are available in the size range of 12-40mm. These bars are ideal for any applications where excellent corrosion resistance and greater strength is required. Square bars have a long function life, perfect finishing and are widely used in fabrication projects and also that are exposed to environments such as acidic, chemical, salt water and fresh water.

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MS Round Bar Distributors in Hyderabad

MS round bar distributors in hyderabad

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We are a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Bolts, Nuts, Binding Wire, Wire Mesh, MS/EN8 Bright Bars(Round, Flat, Square, Hexagonals) of various sizes etc… 

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